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Hiking on the Appalachian Trail with fresh hiking tips, important hiking gear reviews, inspiration, and many trail videos from the Appalachian Trail. Join Artemis on her AT thru-hike attempt 2019 (2/10/19). A unique take on challenges hikers face with a twisted sense of humor; subscribers are guaranteed to enjoy exciting videos each week. Sign up for the newsletter and see the website for awesome blogs! linklink  Gear will never be accepted for reviews and sponsorship are continuously denied. Avid hiker, artist, author, entrepreneur, business owner, mother, wife, and woman relaunching herself on the trail. 


I grew up in the backwoods of Maine My brother and I had the best jungle gym in the world which no money could purchase; the woods. Besides hunting, fishing, and hiking, we constructed epic forts in the dense forest, making any bushwhacking survivalist proud. After meeting and marrying my husband while serving in the Army, we eventually settled in North Georgia. link

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